Maximizing profits for IT service providers
Streamline your billing process and increase revenue with Goolash. Automatically synchronise your customer licensing information to Autotask PSA. Stay focused on growing your business.

Goolash - We connect the dots

Carefree automated billing for IT service providers and MSPs

1. Connect your reseller accounts

Goolash connects seamlessly to your Microsoft 365 and Google G Suite reseller accounts and integrates with Datto PSA.

2. Map your Autotask accounts

Connect your tenants and products to Autotask once so we know who to bill for what. There's nothing else you need to do!

3. Sit back and relax

Add or remove licenses for your customers and we will update your invoices accordingly.

Currently syncing 0 licenses


Reduce human error

We'll catch all unbilled licenses and mistakes that went unnoticed until now.

Save valuable time

Focus on selling and supporting your clients, we'll handle the license billing.

Increase your profitability

Easily pro-rate your subscription billing. Nothing will be left out.

Never miss a thing

Receive advanced reports on licenses added or removed and new tenants linked to your delegated admin.


We'll send you alerts whenever a product is not being billed or a tenant is not connected to a contract.

Your business, your rules

Goolash does not interfere with your existing workflows. We only focus on sending the right numbers to your billing software.

One customer discovered they were losing €13k yearly in unbilled licenses!


Distributor independent

Whether you buy your Microsoft cloud services at Tech Data, Ingram Micro, Copaco, Also, Resello or any other distributor worldwide, we can help you automate the billing process. Our application supports both direct and indirect partners.

Datto Autotask PSA

We connect with your Autotask PSA workspace to update your Contracts. Link your Accounts and map your services and we'll update your Contract Services automatically.

We're working hard on supporting your favourite CSP billing software. Let us know which tool you use to manage your business!

Service bundles

Are you selling standardised offerings in product bundles? Combine multiple products into a single Autotask bundle and offer your client an easy to understand total recurring payment. Goolash will update the bundle's unit count automatically.

Ignore/exclude licenses

Your clients' needs can get complicated sometimes. We understand! You have full control over the amount of licenses. Ignore an unbilled subscription or exclude a number of free units. It's all possible.

Generic import

You offer your clients a wide range of solutions besides Microsoft or Google products. You want to make sure these licenses are billed as efficiently as possible too. Import the CSV or Excel file you receive from your vendor with licensing information: we'll sync these to your contracts too!

We'd love to know what vendors you would like us to integrate with in the future. Let us know what products you offer your clients!


As your business grows, you have a lot of information to deal with. You want to make sure you know what's happening in your business. That's why we'll send you a weekly or daily summary showing the licenses that were added or removed from your tenants. If any problems arise, you'll be the first to know as well.

Azure Cloud coming soon

The Cloud offers great advantages to your clients, but billing can be a mess. We'll help you optimise this recurring task: send us your monthly Azure consumption data and we'll charge it to the right customer for you.

Stop wasting money and reclaim your time