Goolash for Microsoft CSP

Goolash for Microsoft CSP creates contracts in your Autotask for every Microsoft CSP subscription you sell. It will save you time and money by keeping track of any changes, adding new subscribers and counting add-on products.

If you are still using manual invoicing processing, it's inevitable that inaccuracies will slip in. Even the best employees can make mistakes. From an incorrect amount of Office 365 E3 users to missing invoices entirely, the time it takes to discover and correct these mistakes will cost you far more than what it can cost to process it right from the first time.

Automating your Autotask contracts might even boost job satisfaction. Repetitive and tedious tasks, such as inputting data can reduce productivity. Goolash for Microsoft CSP is the extra member in your accounting team, freeing up time for everyone else to focus on things that matter most: your customers.


  1. Integrate: Link your Microsoft CSP account to Autotask with only a few clicks.
  2. Automate: Automatically create contracts and manage the number of seats for each.
  3. Invoice: Consolidate your invoices and follow-up using your preferred Autotask workflow.

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